Sunday, August 17, 2008


I watched this movie last night with my husband. It was one of those movies I loved to hate. It was really good but it made me so angry. At the same time it really made me think. While I think torturing is wrong, there are some instances where people really ARE withholding information that can save thousands. The problem is is that when do they know when someone is truely guilty and truely has information or is just lying to get out of being tortured? It's a tough situation and there is no simple solution. I don't personaly beleive in physical pain torture but at the same time how can I tell the governmment not to do it, when hypocriticly I'd be the first one to be in these people's faces if any of them ever blew up a building my four year old or husband happened to be in. It's a sad situation. It just seems like there should be some way that these mistaken identity or misunderstandings do NOT happen..Terrorists don't mind killing themselves for what they beleive to be a just cause, but dying instantly and being tortured are two completly seperate's a hard movie to watch.

Recipe Review: Protein Pancakes

Recipe calls for:

one cup quacker (not sure I spelled that right) oats, non instant.

one cup lowfat cottage cheese.

one tsp cinnamin

one tsp vanilla extract

2 small sugar substitute packets like splenda

3 eggwhites

Blend all ingrediants together in a blender or food processor. Cook on low heat like you would normal pancakes. Heat up 1/2 cup sugar free syrup to pour over.

So I tried the recipe. While it's nothing to write home about in my opinion, these Protein Pancakes are pretty good considering the ingrediants they are made out of. The point of them is to get in a good protein source and whole grain source in the same meal while still having it be slightly tasty. Anyone who is making them probably lifts alot of weights and does intense cardio so they do not expect them to taste like the really good and rich pancakes you'd eat on a "cheat" day.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Movie Review: Felon

So we went to the movie store yesterday and rented "Felon". I had no idea what it was about until we started to watch it. It starred Val Kilmer, Stephen Dorff, and Harold Perrineau. It was one of those movies that just piss you off the entire time your watching it.


Basicly the plot is that Stephen Dorff's charactor and his family are doing great. He and his fiance of years are about to get married, they have a beautiful little boy and just got approved for a large business loan. In the middle of the night someone breaks into their home. Stephen's charactor jumps up and grabs a baseball bat. He and his wife run to their son's room and see that while their son is fine, the culprit had climbed in through their son's window. Hearing a noise somewhere in the house, Stephen's charactor finds the culprit and chases him out of the house. The guy is running but starts to turn around and reach into his pocket. Stephen's charactor thinks he is reaching for a weapon of some sort and wacks him with the baseball bat, accidentally killing him. Now I THINK this took place in California but am not sure,. It was filmed in New Mexico. Apparently, at least in the movie, the law states that you can only claim self defense if the criminal is still in your house. If they are in your yard and leaving, they are no longer considered a threat, so he was charged with murder and went to prison. The movie continues from there and just continues to piss you off. Man oh man did that make me mad. I mean what the hell, the guy that broke into YOUR home, through YOUR son's bedroom and stole your wallet and for all you know wanted to harm you has more rights than YOU do?! Ugh!

Anyway, it was a really good movie because it made emotions erupt inside me LOL


Welcome to my new and improved Review Blog. I will start off shortly with a review on a movie I watched last night. I hope you enjoy my reviews and it's good to be back posting on this blog. I've neglected it as it's been over 6 months since I posted last!

Big Changes

Well, it's been many months since I posted here last. As much as I love the paranormal, there isn't much market out there for a paranormal blog. Maybe I can pick it up again sometime but I have decided to do a review blog instead. Reviews of food, recipes, movies, games, and other products.

Friday, February 15, 2008


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Ready To Get Back To It

Been having some stressful times of late but once these are over I am ready to really get this blog up and running. I haven't put much effort into it lately, especially the ghost stories. I had planned on doing them daily but have had a lack of people to discuss the stories with therefore I haven't had any. I will try and think of something. Other than that, not much happening over here ladies and gentlemen. Catch you later